Action Star Media, Inc. is a multi-media company that provides a start to finish career path in the action entertainment industry. If you or your child has what it takes to become the next Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris then you are ready for Action Star Media, Inc.

Below is an overview of the professional services provided by Action Star Media, Inc.

Stunt School: (International Stunt Fighters Association 5 Star rating since 1998!!!)

The Action Star Media Stunt School Camps are held several times a year to prepare new talent for upcoming casting calls and auditions. The Action Star Media, Inc. Stunt School Division specializes in Stunt Fighting Training Courses. If you want to learn how to roll a burning car or jump off the Empire State Building then you need to go somewhere else. But if YOU want to fight in movies like Jet Li, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan, then we are the ONLY intelligent choice.

Youth Stunt School:

Thanks to movies like "The Karate Kid", "Three Ninjas", and many others, there is a high demand for children with martial arts stunt skills. Action Star Media, Inc. has the world's only Youth Stunt School Program that gives your child a competitive advantage when auditioning for those types of roles in television and major films. (Previous martial arts training is preferred but not required).

Movie-TV & Radio Production:

Action Star Media, Inc. is the parent company for Movie, TV and Radio production services. The Production division has two departments. Production Department, and Education Department. Our Production Department films, edits, and produces shows and products. The Education Department is a full service school that teaches YOU how to film, edit and produce movies, TV Shows and Radio broadcasts.

Music & Audio Production Recording Studio:

Action Star Media, Inc. has a full service sound recording studio for producing radio shows, audio programs, and music products. If you want to be a radio show host, music producer, or even a Rock Star, we have the facilities to make your dreams come true. Unsigned artists may rent studio time on a limited basis for independent music production.

Auditions & Casting:

As a talent management service, Action Star Media, Inc. is contracted to provide talent for various Movie, Television and Radio Productions. Our Stunt School students receive advance notifications of upcoming casting calls and auditions.

Talent Management:

Action Star Media, Inc.'s Talent Management division provides management services for individuals who are serious about starting a lifelong career in the action entertainment industry. Unlike typical talent management companies we can guarantee our clients work because we are also a production facility. If you are a future star looking for your big break into the action industry be sure to attend our next auditions and stunt school camp.

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