Attention Future Action Film Stars: We have some important questions for YOU!


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Do YOU Have What It Takes To Become The

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Before taking that leap into the Action Entertainment Industry

you need to ask yourself these three important questions:

"Do I have what it takes to be a professional movie stunt man or action television star???"

If you answered YES to that question we have some great news for YOU! You have just found the fastest route to Action Star status. If you have the heart and desire to succeed YOU can live your dream of becoming the next action movie star or stunt legend. Action Star Media, Inc. is a multi-media company that provides a start to finish career path in the action entertainment industry. If you or your child has what it takes to become the next Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or Sophie Song then you are ready for Action Star Media, Inc. The Action Star Media Stunt School Camps are held several times a year to prepare new talent for upcoming casting calls and auditions. The Action Star Media, Inc. Stunt School Division specializes in Stunt Fighting Training Courses. If you want to learn how to roll a burning car or jump off the Empire State Building then you need to go somewhere else. But if you want to fight in movies like Jet Li and Jackie Chan, then we are the BEST choice.

"After Stunt School how am I supposed to break into the industry against the THOUSANDS of other people already doing stunt and action work?"

As a talent management service, Action Star Media, Inc. is contracted to provide talent for various Movie, Television and Radio Productions. Action Star Media, Inc.'s Talent Management division provides management services for individuals who are serious about starting a lifelong career in the action entertainment industry. Unlike typical talent management companies we can GUARANTEE our clients work because we are also a production facility. We are the ONLY stunt school program that can make this guarantee! Check out the other sections of this website... and when you are ready to live your dream contact us to get started today!

"Do you want to become a Movie, TV or Radio Show Producer?"

Action Star Media, Inc. is the parent company for Movie, TV and Radio production services. Production vision has two departments. Production Department, and Education Department. Our Production Department films, edits, and produces shows and products. The Education Department is a full service school that teaches YOU how to film, edit and produce movies, TV Shows and Radio broadcasts.

See What Some Of Our Stunt School Graduates Have To Say:

"I was really worried about doing stunt school. I have never been very athletic and didn't even play sports as a kid. The expert staff at Action Star Media Stunt School lead me step by step the whole way. Less than 1 month after graduation I got my first televised booking. You guys are the best. If anyone wants to jump on the fast track to being on TV I highly recommend the Action Star Media Stunt School." Charles Shaw, Monroe, Michigan.

"The program at Action Star Media Stunt School is the best. I have worked on three different television series in the USA so far and two television shows overseas. I have friends in the industry who spent thousands of dollars on other stunt schools and they still haven't landed their first televised gig. The Action Star Media staff helped me with everything from my stunt training, diet, exercise, promo photos and even getting me my first auditions. I can't thank you guys enough." Shane Miller, Orlando, Florida.

"Other stunt schools told me I was too short to get into stunt work or on TV shows. Just three short months after graduating from Action Star Media Stunt School I landed a feature role on the "Never Die" TV Show and have been working on television for 3 full years now. Action Star Media Stunt School helped me achieve my dream when other schools wouldn't even give me a chance."  Ki Whang Lee, Seoul, Korea

Next Stunt Camp & Auditions for

"World Martial Arts TV Show" and "War Zone"

will be March 12th, 13th and 14th in Orlando, Florida.

Visit Camps Link for Complete Details.

If you want to start living your dream tomorrow you need to contact us today!



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